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It’s love, you think. You were taught not to use that word, ever. It’s a weakness, but you always thought that line was overused. Draco’s no different from anyone else. 735 words. 

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Tony is accused of murder on an alien planet; Steve marries him to bring him home.



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Stiles doesn’t notice the constant buzzing in his head until it’s gone.


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Stiles doesn’t notice the constant buzzing in his head until it’s gone.

But okay, let’s be fair: he has noticed the active beehive in his brain, how could he not, it’s really frickin’ annoying, but he hadn’t realized that it had become a thing, a constant thing, because to be honest, Stiles is used to his body pulling crap like that by now. When has any part of him ever acted normal? There hasn’t been one day when he felt like a normal human being, comfortable in his own skin. If it’s not a beehive, it’s the overachieving little mice turning wheels in his head; if it’s not the mice, then it’s ants in his pants—don’t laugh; it’s a valid condition that disrupts his daily life.

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Steve Rogers is a capable leader, a kind and cheerful man, a good friend, a strong role model, and a loyal soldier. He’s also teetering on the edge of suicide.



It’s not that Tony is pissed Clint and Thor got Steve drunk. He’s mostly pissed that he wasn’t around for it.

And really mostly he’s pissed that he wasn’t around for it because he was off being a responsible adult. He never does that, so it’s unfair they chose the one time he indulged Pepper’s whims and went off to be a grownup to get Steve trashed.

The thing about Steve is that you can get him drunk if you load him up with enough alcohol to overwhelm his metabolism. The problem is that if you overwhelm his metabolism, you get more or less instant alcohol poisoning. So Steve would get maybe a minute of really good buzz and then thirty of puking.

The scientists at SHIELD wanted to try it anyway, but Steve said no. Steve rarely says no, so when he does, he is immovable. It didn’t hurt that he had Tony backing him up, because Tony will argue with people for hours for the sheer joy of it, and Tony is not interested in any procedure that ends with Steve throwing up.

Tony has taken to calling the science division “The Frat House”. Coulson, for once, has not looked disapproving about one of Tony’s nicknames.

He’s not actually sure what has happened, at first, when he walks into the mansion after the investor meeting and sees Clint and Thor playing the new holographic video game Tony’s been programming, Bruce reading a science journal in the corner, and Steve napping on the couch.

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Derek Hale has absolutely no idea how to tell Stiles Stilinski that he is his mate. So he has him research it, because if Stiles has all the information he’s bound to figure it out sometime. Right?



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This year is the first time Cas is old enough to participate in the Run, to let an alpha chase him and publicly take him as his mate, as tradition dictates. He and Dean are determined to end up together, no matter what.



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Anonymous said: could you write something with calum and orgasm denial then overstimulation? your writing is amazing tbh


(Meep, thank you!!  And I guess I got the order wrong, but I hope you’ll like it anyway ;) Thanks for the request, lovely!)

"Calum, please… fuck, please," you beg, writhing underneath him, his hips pumping fluidly against yours, sinking him into you as deeply as he can go.

His breath is hot on your skin as he growls low in his throat, “Not yet, not yet, just hold on, a little longer,” though he makes his demand almost impossible to comply with as he ruts into you, brushing fiercely up against the burning nerve endings inside you.

And it’s not that you haven’t come yet, oh no, it’s been twice already, once at the merciless onslaught of his surprisingly talented tongue and the second as he finger fucked you through the first. When he’d finally crawled up the length of your quivering, clenching body, had sheathed himself so deeply inside you, you’d almost sobbed, fingernails digging into his biceps and shoulders and back as he’d bitten and sucked his way along your neck and collar and told you to be good and hold this one in for him.

You’re trying so damned hard, panting and mewling into the air as he pistons into you like he might come right out the other side, one huge hand in the sheets and the other clamped around your thigh hard enough that you know there’ll be bruises in the shape of his fingers tomorrow.

"Calum! Fuck!" you cry out, so close to the edge you’re already shaking beneath him again.  "Please, please, I need to, Calum." Your voice is already hoarse, cracking around his name, the sound of it pulling little noises out of his throat and a nip to the lobe of one ear.  

"Just. hold. it," he hisses, punctuating each word with a thrust that rocks your entire frame and the bed underneath you. But the sweat is beading on his forehead, running down the rounded tip of his nose and you can see the way he pulls his lip in between his teeth, hear the rasp in his voice that lets you know he won’t be able to hold his own much longer either.

"Ah, ah, shit, fuck," and he’s trembling, arm nearly buckling as his body tightens and his hips jerk erratically, dragging little pleas out from the bottom of your throat. Calum plants sloppy, wet kisses to your mouth and neck and shoulders and wheezes, "C’mon, now, baby, do it now, you can, come for me, yeah."

And just like that, like the only switch in the entire fucking world that matters, you let out something between a scream and a sob as the orgasm tears through you, the clenching, grasping walls of your pussy milking Calum until he’s gasping into your neck as he comes with you, body jerking into yours as his cock tightens and lets loose inside you.

You’re pretty sure you see stars for several seconds until the two of you lay tangled together, sweaty and heaving but sated, warm in the best of ways, your toes tingling now that you’ve uncurled them. Still wrapped up inside you, even soft, just the sensation of Calum’s cock brushing around has you hissing, everything sensitive to the point of light bursting behind your eyelids. He kisses you, plush lips damp and heavy on yours and you suck his tongue into your mouth until he moans and you both relax deeper into the sheets and pillows.

"You okay?" he mumbles close to your ear, nuzzling where he’d bitten at it only moments ago.

"Mmm," you lay a kiss on his cheek. "More than okay."

You feel his lips curl against your skin briefly, before he’s letting out a tired sigh and carefully untangling your bodies, settling in beside you and pulling you close. “Good.”

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I need you.

Please (Y/N), let me see you.

I can’t go on like this…I need to come over. I have to see your face. I have to!

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It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.



Seriously, this fic is ridiculously good.

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fanfiction should be taken a lot more seriously as literature. True, some of it isn’t really excellent writing and some is just smut but let me tell you i have read some fics that are beautifully well done and turned my life upside down and legitimately gave me feelings for days and if that’s not real literature then what is

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